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Additional Considerations Before Joining our Team

  • Initial one hour interview and consultation is free


  • CTH Performance requires a 30-day cancellation notice


  • Monthly fees are due on the first of each month. No discounts offered.


  • The client agrees to upload files daily, provide feedback, and respond to correspondence in a timely manner.  The client agrees to provide all planned events and goals at least eight to twelve weeks in advance, while also communicating all planned work, travel, and life obligations.



It is highly recommended the client obtain a mental and/or physical exam and receive permission from a doctor stating you are able to handle the rigors of training.  CTH is not a licensed doctor or therapist, and is a coach in the purest sense of the word. Therefore, CTH should immediately be made aware of any illnesses (mental or physical) or injuries, and if necessary the client should seek the services of a licensed and trained professional.  If the athlete becomes injured or ill, they must receive clearance from a medical professional before resuming training with CTH Performance. 

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