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Launching into 2016 with CTH Performance

The beginning of any new year is a wonderful time to reflect on our progress and plan for the future. All coaches and athletes spend considerable time reflecting and planning throughout the entire year, but there is something special and energizing about January 1st.

My position as a college cycling coach affords me considerable time each December to reflect on the previous eleven months while also looking ahead to the next twelve. I stopped making New Year’s resolutions back in college, some 25 years ago, and instead began to ask myself a very simple question: Am I who I am supposed to be?

Answering that question comes fairly easy when I am in a reflective mindset, but I admit the answer is not always “yes.” While I do tend to act and say things in a positive and meaningful way, making progress, there are times when I fail and fall short. Such is the human condition. The difficulty arises when I am looking ahead and seeking an answer as to who I am supposed to become. Grab the low hanging fruit or climb higher where the fruit is sweeter and more plentiful? There are times when easier goals are more appropriate for they provide us valuable experience and confidence, but on occasion we must rise above our fears to take a bigger leap forward.

My decision for 2016 is I am supposed to take a bigger leap.

I am launching a coaching business that I have named CTH Performance. My plan is to not only coach non-collegiate athletes once again, but also to hire, develop, and mentor other coaches who join the company. I am prepared to tackle this challenge after investing eleven years of my life to the profession of coaching.

Browse to learn more about our services, philosophy, and mission. I am taking all the necessary steps to get this off the ground and legitimize the business, the right way. I personally have several open slots for athletes interested in coaching for 2016, and soon I will have other coaches whom I can pair athletes with as well. If you are an athlete or aspiring coach, please email me at

I hope you all are looking forward to 2016 as much as I am. I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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