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Mistakes and Failure

Physical mistakes are a normal part of the development process, and are overcome by deep purposeful practice to improve deficiencies into efficiencies. Physical errors are expected and tolerable, but not working to overcome and minimize them is unacceptable.

Mental mistakes are expected during the early period at each level of development, but once you are coached with correction it is expected these will be eliminated. We are allowed any given mental mistake to happen once, but after corrective coaching it then becomes unacceptable.

How you respond to physical or mental mistakes will be decided by your mindset and attitude towards them. It is important to accept you are not perfect and have a lot to learn about your endeavor. If you believe you have to be perfect or are unable or unwilling to learn new ideas or methods then the risk of failing or believing you are a failure is high. If you view yourself as a work-in-progress with room to grow, then you give yourself the freedom to make mistakes without a final judgment, and increase your odds of achieving your goals.

Making mistakes does not equal being a failure provided you are working to improve upon them. Failure occurs only if you give up or if you simply cannot reduce the amount of mistakes being made.

Mistakes are like a trusted friend who will teach you the most about yourself. Embrace them, learn from them, and believe with deep practice and coaching you can overcome them.

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