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Room to Grow

No matter how successful you are, there are improvements you can make. Nobody is perfect, and in fact, aspiring for perfection is a dangerous strategy. Aspiring for growth and improvement is possible for everyone. Moreover, growth is the most easily attainable accomplishment if one is using the proper measuring stick. What is the proper stick? Comparing your old self to your new self.

It is perfectly normal and acceptable to aspire to be the best, to be on top, but steady growth is the one thing required to get there. Do not overlook the mile markers along the way as you travel to your desired destination. Plus, if and when you arrive, you will soon learn the destination can be a lonely place. Therefore, always take others along for the ride, and have a plan of action in place after your achievement. Do this and the entire process will be more fulfilling.

The real joy in any achievement is not the accolade itself, but in the lessons learned and obstacles overcome to get there. Your mindset must be that adversity is your friend, and it has arrived to teach you a required lesson; if not for the upcoming destination, then some other future destination you cannot even envision at this moment. Always take heart in knowing our abilities are malleable, not fixed, and the growth achieved through the process is more important than the goal itself.

Wake up every day with the intent and desire to be better than you were yesterday. Think progress not regress. Be proactive not reactive. Do this not only for yourself, but also for your teammates and stakeholders counting on you.

If your mindset is focused on making steady improvements over time, then you are guaranteed to find yourself in some wonderful destinations.

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