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Give to Receive

Looking out for oneself is an important trait to possess to be successful in life. We are taught to be independent and to work for the things we desire. As we do this, we must avoid being selfish or only thinking of ourselves, not giving any consideration or support to those around us. To go far in life but not help others along the way would be an immeasurable missed opportunity. We all received help to get where we are, but now consider the countless others who lack the advantages you and I enjoy. What we consider normal, others see as luxury. What others lack and desperately need, we take for granted, while chasing meaningless things. We have led ourselves astray and left behind our most vulnerable.

The only abundance we should seek is joy, which is a noble pursuit. There is only one righteous way to receive abundant joy, and it is by giving abundantly to others. As you give, do not hold back. Go above and beyond, and expect nothing in return. The world will take note and send back rewards in due time. More importantly, you will have set in motion an act of love coming from the heart, and this will create momentum within you and elsewhere that will lead to even greater acts of love.

Imagine if nobody ever gave. Who would ever received?

All joy is created through giving, so without giving there would not be any receiving. Therefore, to create more joy in this world, give, and give abundantly. If you do, abundant joy will fill your heart, and you can confidently walk in righteousness.

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