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Podcast: Under the Sun with Coach Tim Hall

2019 was a year full of exciting changes for me as a person and coach. One addition I was excited to begin and build upon was starting my own Podcast. I started recording episodes very simply from my iPhone, and this worked fine for the first six months. However, I have recently invested in some high quality recording equipment to make the show more professional, providing me with more versatility, and the ability to deliver more interesting content to listeners.

Going into 2020 I have been reflecting and thinking about what I want to accomplish over the next 12 to 24 months, dare I say even the next decade. I am creating ambitious occupational goals as a college coach along with personal developmental goals as a man. One of my biggest personal goals is to not only produce more podcast content, but also to improve the consistency and level of professionalism to what I produce. This includes knowing my purpose for doing it, understanding why it's important to me, and narrowing the focus of ideas as to what the show is all about. In addition, before moving forward, I had to commit to having the right equipment, sharpening my content, improving delivery, and lastly, lining up interesting guests to interview so we all can learn from their story.

With the above in mind, I now offer the world...

Under the Sun with Coach Tim Hall

"Under the Sun focuses on leadership, mindset, personal development, athleticism, and the power of stories to inspire us to become our best. CTH is a lifelong athlete, former professional baseball player turned competitive cyclist, and collegiate cycling coach. He has 15 years of college coaching experience, and is the Director and Head Cycling Coach at Lees-McRae College."

Why name it Under the Sun? I am a big fan of Solomon, a wealthy and wise King of Israel, son of David, and prominent figure from the Bible. Solomon was in pursuit of wisdom, and was granted it in abundance by God. He wrote several books in the Bible, and to better understand the significance behind "under the sun," read Ecclesiastes. Under the Sun will strive to avoid "chasing the wind," not to say we will not eat, drink, and be merry as Solomon suggests repeatedly.

Currently there are four platforms from which you can listen:

1 - Apple Podcasts

2 - Spotify

3 - Stitcher

4 - SoundCloud

I hope you enjoy this new creation, and I would love it if you give the podcast a follow on one of the four platforms. I already have some interesting guests lined up for the show that I believe you'll enjoy listening to. Please leave a review and share with your friends to help spread the good word about Under the Sun.

Feel free to email me at with your questions, feedback, or ideas about guests for the show. Thank you for reading!

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